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About Daniel

Welcome to my blog about Disney, food and photography. Below are some of my favorite things, including the gear I use most often and the websites I visit daily.


Since I graduated college, I’ve missed writing. No longer am I tied down to twenty-page essays on topics that were of moderate interest to me, I’m excited to have the opportunity to write about the things I love. Most of what you’ll read will focus on Disney, food and technology. I love photography and whether it’s from my iPhone or DSLR, I want to share the best of the best here.

I hope that you’re able to read my sense of humor, see my sense of aesthetic and hopefully interact through comments! Look for me on Twitter and Instagram by searching @danielstaten.

My goal is to blog on a consistent basis. By investing in experiences and writing about them, I want to keep a long lasting memory on what I’ve seen and how it’s influenced me.

Thanks for visiting.


My Favorite Sites

Disney Food Blog - This was the website that first combined my two true loves – Disney Parks and food!




My Gear

OlloClip - OlloClip is my go-to lens for iPhone. It gets great results and I love the unique look I achieve with my photos.

Canon T2i - It's big, but mostly reliable. I'd love for Canon to enter the mirrorless market, but right now, they don't seem to interested. Until then, I'm sticking with my T2i, which is an amazing camera.