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Millennial and Breaking Records: Instagram Likes

I'm a millennial. And that means I'm entitled, lazy, narcissistic and live with my parents, if you're to believe the current public opinion. In full disclosure, I do find it fascinating to post pictures on Instagram and watch how many 'likes' any particular photo will receive.

This week, while at Walt Disney World, I posted a picture using an Olloclip. It's a small lens accessory for iPhone that includes a wide angle, macro and fisheye lens. I've been using the fisheye lens quite a bit, in honor of two of my favorite photographers, Tom and Sarah Bricker. They have a very unique style and quite often use a fisheye lens to capture the beauty of Disney Parks.

Up until this week, my most liked photo had been a beach photo from Lighthouse State Beach in Santa Cruz, California. It had 40 likes as of today. With spammers seemingly overtaking Instagram, it's difficult to get an accurate read on a photo, because you could go to bed having 40 likes, only to wake up with 35 because overnight, Instagram banned 5 spammers.

My new "personal best" for Instagram likes is 43, thanks to this photo of Spaceship Earth from Epcot. After an excellent dinner at Via Napoli, we casually strolled out of the park, taking our time to enjoy the calm that is post-Illuminations Epcot. I stopped, popped on the Olloclip, and started playing around with different angles. This one turned out great; it almost looks like Spaceship Earth is suspended in the sky.

Here in all of its unedited glory, is my new most-liked Instagram photo.