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Staten the Facts

Try Something New

For a long time, I've thought of myself as the type of person who likes to plan, to research until I'm 100% confident in what I'd like to do. Over the past couple of months, several situations have led me to reconsider that notion.

This past summer I was in California, The Golden State. With so much to do and see, it can be incredibly difficult to plan. It's overwhelming. It's confusing. It's frustrating. It helps when you have someone who knows where they're going, as I did. It's even more helpful when they encourage you to try something new.

Trying something new brought us to Half Moon Bay. It was a beautiful Friday evening on the coast. The weather was cool and the sun sank right below the ocean, leaving about 30 minutes of daylight behind. More and more, trying something new has allowed me to reflect and think.

Thanks to the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay for a beautiful setting. Thanks to Joya for encouraging me to try something new. Best of luck on your new journey!

Speaking of trying something new, this was my first Greyhound. It's quite yummy. This was the view from the bar at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.