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Staten the Facts

Panoramic of the Week: Spur of the Moment

Club Level seats at the Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears game on Friday, August 9, 2013.

If there were a phrase to describe this week, it would be "spur of the moment." Most of my family and friends recognize that I'm very methodical and that I excel at planning. They come to me for advice on planning their Disney vacations, or what restaurants to eat at or recommendations about new technology. What they don't do is ask for my opinion on a quick decision.

Past experiences have shown that when I do make a quick decision, I usually land on the right one, and I'm hoping that's the case with the Jeep I decided to buy this week! I have had car upgrades on my mind, so I jumped head first this week and set myself up in a 2012 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4. It's beautiful and I couldn't ask for anything more. In spur of the moment fashion, I found the car on Monday, test drove on Tuesday and it was in my driveway Wednesday. 

Friday night was the preseason opener for the Carolina Panthers. Fitting with the theme of the week, my Dad called at about 5 PM on Friday evening with really nice  tickets to the 8 PM game. I can't turn down the opportunity to see the Panthers play and it turned out to be an awesome game, with the Panthers winning!

I'm not normally a spur of the moment kind of guy, but this week has been incredibly adventurous and fun.