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On-Ride Photos, MyMagic+ and Memory Maker

Disney announced this week that guests' on-ride photos will automatically link to their MyMagic+ account when they wear MagicBands. That's both amazing and magical. The catch — it requires the purchase of a $199 Memory Maker package. 

A good on-ride photo is well worth the purchase. Me, with medal, middle row, far left.

Although I've been offered Memory Maker for as low as $149 prior to my arrival at the Walt Disney World Resort, I find the initial buy-in price steep. There's an internal conflict I consider each time the reservation agent asks me if I'd like to purchase. 

On one hand, you really can't put a price on photos. They literally are once in a lifetime. I can't go back and recreate a moment in time later. For that reason, I have purchased my on-course photos from the runDisney races I've completed. Note that runDisney photos are operated by a third-party, and not part of Memory Maker.

I don't regret this runDisney Tower of Terror 10-Miler photo one bit – sweat included!

Conversely, on-ride photos are hit-or-miss and most of the time an impulse purchase. As you exit the attraction, your a preview of your photo is flashed on a display for a brief moment in time, beckoning you to purchase before that memory disappears forever. What if I wait and don't get any other on-ride photos? What if another photo comes along later that I like much more?

Maybe this would have been a good photo? I wish I was creative like the girls behind me. All I have is a cropped iPhone snapshot.

My bottom line: I like that MagicBands are being fully integrated to the park touring experience. I wish I didn't have to commit to purchasing Memory Maker to see my on-ride photos at home. What if every guests' on-ride photos were automatically linked to their account via MagicBand, with the opportunity to view and purchase once they return home?

By viewing my photos at home, I'd be more satisfied with the MyMagic+ service overall because I'd choose only the photos I want, rather than spending up to $199 only to find on-ride photos with other guests' hands blocking my face, my eyes closed or other out-of-my-control circumstances. 

My reaction is exaggerated. My friend Patrick's is pure terror. Well worth $18.

Will you purchase Memory Maker? Do you buy on-ride photos? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.