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Staten the Facts

Staten the Facts

The Weekend

This week I've been to the gym three times. Trying to blast as much cardio as I can. I've also been back to tracking food in the Lose It app and eating Special K bars for breakfast – along with fruit. Already I'm feeling more energetic and have lost two pounds!

Here's some of my favorite things I stumbled across this week:

I've always had a hard time seeing the appeal of GoRuck bags, but Carryology did a pretty good job explaining Geek vs. GoRuck. 

Outerwear is the clothing category I'll splurge on most. J.Crew started fall this week and their outerwear guide has me itching to spend the gift card I was given for my birthday! 

Journaling is an on-and-off love affair for me. I'm continually inspired by Day One's "How I Journal" series. Besides being therapeutic, it's just an insanely great app. 

After two years of heavy travel, I'm still trying to figure out how to pack a bag.  

Disney Park's Haunted Mansion is one of my all-time favorites. I'm not sure how I will handle all of the new merchandise they announced this week. Praise Disney Rewards Dollars!   

Finally, Justin Livingston's bedroom makeover from west elm is making me crave more minimalism.