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Staten the Facts // Blog

Inspiration: Meeting Jeff Galloway

Daniel Staten

As I stood in my corral for the Disneyland 10K in August, I looked to my right and was surprised to see runDisney sponsor Jeff Galloway and his wife standing beside me! Let me explain my elation: an American Olympian and I ran side-by-side...for a good two minutes.

Without Jeff's training plan, running would be incredibly difficult for me. Not only does the Galloway Method give me the strength to go long distances, it also helps me train faster and accurately.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jeff!

Adventure is Out There!

Daniel Staten

Today my best friend Patrick starts an amazing adventure to New Zealand. A true test of friendship is the support and excitement you feel for them when a new opportunity arises. One of my favorite adventures with Patrick was running the 2013 Walt Disney World Half-Marathon. I'd never ran that distance before, but we both finished the race and had an amazing time.

The Walt Disney World Half-Marathon was quite the adventure.

Patrick will be detailing his journey on his new blog at Be sure to check out a Kiwi in the making. Have fun, Pat and remember – adventure is out there!

Fireworks Friday: Buena Vista Street

Daniel Staten

It's time for another edition of Fireworks Friday! I have so much on my mind since returning from Disneyland last week. There's so much I want to share! The Disney Parks give me such a creativity boost. I didn't take quite as many photos as usual, but some of the shots I got were amazing! 

Reflecting on this vacation, I didn't do quite the amount of planning that it requires to visit Walt Disney World. We had a few plans, like the Dumbo Double Dare and dinner at Carthay Circle Restaurant, but other than that we were open to spontaneity.

Spontaneity allows you to see new things, experience the unanticipated and tour at a more casual pace. The Disneyland Resort is well suited for that.

One spontaneous moment we had was walking out of Disney California Adventure for the evening, only to see the fireworks begin across the esplanade at Disneyland. I hadn't taken too many night photos and I had my tripod with me, so I figured why not stop and take a couple of shots?

This photo ended up being one of my favorites. I love the way it showcases the bustle of Buena Vista Street on a holiday weekend. As a very patriotic American, the Independence Day decorations made the park even more enjoyable. 

On your next vacation, I hope you take some time to be spontaneous. It's worth every second.

2014 Disneyland Goals

Daniel Staten

Disneyland Goals

One of the things I've focused on in my personal life lately is journaling. I want to look back and be able to speak to the progress I've made over the years through different experiences. The same can be said for travel. Traveling is a pleasure. It shouldn't be taken for granted. With that being said, there's a few things I really want to accomplish at Disneyland this year:

Finish the Dumbo Double Dare.

Eat at Carthay Circle Restaurant.

Ride Radiator Springs Racers.

Experience the newly refurbished Alice in Wonderland attraction.

Walk through the doors of the Grand Californian Hotel.

Drink any drink that qualifies for a souvenir tiki glass from Trader Sam's.

That's a pretty reasonable list, right? Completing the first item on the list is going to have a major impact on the rest of the week! One commitment I want to make is to blog about these things every day! I think it will be more authentic and help me keep my thoughts pure and unfiltered. 

Confessions. A Disney First: Citrus Swirl.

Daniel Staten

I have to admit a secret. I may no longer be considered the credible Disney food fanatic that many of you have come to know me as. Why you may ask?

It wasn't until May that I sampled one of the most legendary Disney snacks of all time. The Citrus Swirl. 

The famed Citrus Swirl. Available at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom.

The famed Citrus Swirl. Available at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom.

I regret my actions. I regret the lost time. I regret waiting in the sweltering sun at Aloha Isle while Sunshine Tree Terrace sat empty. 

Please forgive me. I now know what I've been missing. The Citrus Swirl is refreshing. It's cool. It exceeded my expectations. 

All hail the Orange Bird. I'm looking forward to a fruitful relationship in the near future.